our mission

To create healthy, vibrant, and resilient communities by using real estate as a catalyst for positive change.

Handcrafted Services

Each person, each property, and every situation is unique. We pride ourselves on truly listening to and understanding our client's goals and coming up with the roadmap to achieve them. By taking this approach, we are able to find win-win solutions everytime. 

Ownership Mentality

Our agents are property owners themselves and we understand exactly what our client's are experiencing. Because we all have ownership experience, we deftly navigate the important details. We can see all angles, from the macro to the micro.  


Industry Experts

From the sale price to tenant relations, to property management and investment strategies, our agents are living and experiencing the market daily. We are real estate investors and understand the nuance of the Portland market.

Amplification of life

Aside from being top-notch real estate professionals, we work tirelessly to have fun, make memories with our loved ones, and live fully. Your personal and professional goals are interconnected and our mission is to ensure that you get to where you want to go...