experience the magic that happens when you surround yourself with people that choose to lead epic lives.

authentic relationships

Surround yourself with others that have a thirst for life and are unapologetic for wanting growth, connection, and abundance.

healthy lifestyle

Elevate your life through through active and healthy choices. Let the drive for peak physical condition be the catalyst for exponential growth in all areas of your life.



Thrive in a tribe where you can be held accountable for achieving your goals, while helping to hold others to achieve theirs.

epic adventures

We’ve only got one shot to take advantage of this beautiful rock we call home. From summiting peaks, rock climbing at Smith, or sweat lodges in the rainforest, be the explorer you’ve always wanted to be.


passive income

giving back

Building a hand-crafted life of passion and purpose is enabled by passive income and wealth generation. Invest your time, money, and energy so that you allow abundance to compound on itself.

Help to create the community you want to live in and pass onto the next generation. By giving back it promotes a sense of purpose and meaning that can lead to a virtuous cycle that can have generational impact.