real estate for sustainable change

Real estate owners have tremendous power to create change in their lives and communities. We work with people that care about their impact in the world and want to use real estate as a catalyst for sustainable change.

Our clients include:

  • Home sellers that have invested greatly in their properties and want to capture that value

  • Buyers that want a sustainable and resilient home

  • Owners that want their property’s to go to a buyer that will make sustainable updates and better the community

realty services

Our work with property sellers and buyers is the lifeblood of our business. With combined decades of experience in residential and multifamily real estate and sustainable development, we have developed a unique expertise helping property owners buy, sell, and enhance their properties.

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sustainable development

We invest in projects where we can make an impact on the health, vibrancy, and well-being of a community. Through the use of sustainable practices and intentional design, our projects serve as demonstrations on how to do good through real estate that are also financially rewarding.

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We host intimate events and adventures to foster authentic connection to celebrate life and sustainability. We firmly believe that a sustainable future is a flavorful future, which is why we love to partner with creative chefs and winemakers to throw dinners where we can break bread together.

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giving back

Every transaction and project we take part in provides us with revenue to give back to our community. We do this by donating a percentage of profits to organizations that help to advance our mission of sustainability, resiliency, and beauty.

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working together

Latitude Realty in Portland, Oregon works with an array of sponsoring organizations in order to accomplish their mission.

We are constantly developing an ecosystem of partners and sponsors in order to accomplish our individual and collective goals. We value the relationships we build with like-minded organizations such as green builders, solar companies, non-profit organizations, chefs, farmers, and lenders.

If you feel like we would make a good fit together, please reach out to us to inquire about sponsorship or partnerships.



5 stars.png

Alissa and Neal completely put us at ease during the process of buying our first home. They were attentive, knowledgeable and generous with their time. Genuinely positive, happy people, they kept it "light" without sacrificing an ounce of professionalism. It's obvious that they deeply care about their employees and clients alike. I can't begin to do these wonderful people justice, and would highly recommend their services (and friendship) to anyone.

— Tara K.

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Although Neal had no stake in the real estate transaction I am under contract with today, in the spirit of ethics, mentorship and guidance, he spent time to advise me and my partner. We had concerns of foundation issues, whether it was a good deal, and repair questions, and he was able to provide insight/validation. I appreciate his generosity with his time and experience, especially when it did not benefit him to be.

— Sean M.

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True professionalism and expertise are words that come to mind when dealing with Latitude Realty. Neal has gone above and beyond in assisting me with searching, negotiating and buying a property. He has a plethora of experience in the local market and overall real estate. His colleague Chace is also very professional and responsive. I highly recommend Latitude and especially Neal for all your real estate needs.

— George L.