Client Profile: Shanti Hodges

Client Profile: Shanti Hodges

We interviewed one of our recent clients about her experience selling her property and what she’s been up to since the sale.

Photo: Yanna Bennett

Photo: Yanna Bennett

Shanti Hodges met Alissa at a coffee shop and the two struck up a conversation. Shanti, who was getting ready to sell her home in the Arbor Lodge neighborhood, was happy to find someone from the same general Portland area, and hired Alissa. Then Alissa guided them through the process and helped them get a great price for their property.

Shanti runs a non-profit organization, Hike it Baby, which practically started in Portland and now has spread throughout the entire United States. Their motto is to build communities that support families in getting their children from birth to school age outside. Interested families can find hikes in their own cities or submit a hike and let others join. Check out their website for more information on what they do!

Read our interview with Shanti below.

1. Do you believe in property ownership? If so, why?

Shanti: Yeah, it has been great to own a home. It was great to see the value of the house going up and to live in a neighborhood that keeps growing. It was so nice to see the neighborhood grow and change and become more popular as the years went by.

Photo: Michelle Pearl Gee

Photo: Michelle Pearl Gee

2. What did you enjoy most about owning your home?

Shanti: The neighborhood was great. Arbor Lodge park was great for kids to meet other kids and it was nice for us parents to hang out, too. The street was friendly and it was super easy to get downtown. It was nice to have a home base to hit between our travels. Having bought a newer house made it possible not to have to do so much work. We could just live in it and enjoy the nice space.

3. What advice do you have for someone just starting out in that process?

Shanti: Make a list of what you want in a home. What is important? Like 2 car garage, single story home, how many bathrooms etc. Stick with the list and don’t compromise. Don’t panic about not finding a place that is right for you. Houses will keep coming up. Look for what you want. Listen to your gut. The perfect house will come along.

4. Do you plan to invest in real estate in the future?

Shanti: I really don’t know right now. At this point investing is not on our radar.

5. What are you up to now that you’ve sold and moved out of Oregon?

Shanti: For now, we’re just getting settled. We love to explore and assess the new area. Figure out what is next. It was scary to leave, but we were ready. We felt a little boxed in up in the city and were ready for a change. And it has been great. We now live in a rural area in Southern Utah about 30 minutes away from Zion National Park. So we get to do a lot of hiking ourselves, which we love.

I’m glad we trusted our gut and made the move. If a house or location just won’t work for you anymore, then seek beyond. The Portland market was hot when we sold. I know prices will probably continue to rise, but I also know that should we decide to come back, we’ll somehow make it happen.

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By Ute Mitchell, Executive Assistant
Latitude Realty & Property Management