How to Protect Your Home During Winter

How to Protect Your Home During Winter

Steps you can take to prevent damage to your house or apartment during the coldest winter weather

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It’s January, but you wouldn’t think so after all these sunny days we’ve had in Portland recently. It is easy to believe that summer will be here soon, or spring at the very least. Crocuses are breaking through the soil, and even the birds are buying into the spring feeling with their happy chirps.

But, this is Portland, and the truth is, winter isn’t over until it’s over (or until the 4th of July as some locals jokingly insist). Being prepared for colder and even freezing temperatures is important, not just to save you money, but also to prevent the hassle that repairs bring with them.

Our Senior Property Manager, Kim Foster, sends an email to tenants every winter with the following tips to protect your home from freezing temperatures. Of course, this is something that everyone should be aware of, whether you rent or own your home.

  • Keep your thermostat set for at least 60 degrees - even while not home.

  • When temperatures drop below 35 degrees, open all sink cabinets and let the faucet drip, even through the night. Do the same with tub/shower faucets. If the "dripping" sound is too loud, put a washcloth under the drip to stop the noise.

  • Make sure your outdoor spigots are covered with styrofoam covers. These can be purchased at a hardware store.

  • Have sand ready to pour on icy streets or sidewalks.

Let’s hope we don’t get snowed in. Or maybe, that’s just what you need. For a little bit of snow, head on up to the mountain. We can see it shiny and white on this sunny day!

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by Ute Mitchell
Executive Assistant