Interview with First Time Home Buyers Tara and Aidan

It never gets old interviewing a new homebuyer. Alissa Collins, co-founder of Latitude Realty has helped Tara and Aidan every step of the way as they were ready to buy the first own home, and we asked them some questions about what it was like. See their answers below.


What is it like to be a first time home buyer? 

For us–knowing that we wanted to be in Portland for the foreseeable future–buying a home just seemed responsible. It progressed from a "nice idea" to our first offer submittal in a matter of a few weeks. I would classify our approach as aggressive, but effective. :) Monitoring/obsessing over the new listings and open housing every weekend was an all-consuming process that we quickly determined to be unsustainable. We decided to move intentionally, but quickly. We are forever indebted to Alissa for sticking by our side during those intense few weeks. She knew how serious we were and it was obvious that she had our best interest in mind. She asked great questions and made us feel really comfortable throughout the process. The process is intimidating, but we reminded ourselves often that "people do this (buy houses) every single day." 

Can you tell us how you found Latitude and why you chose to go with us?

I grew up in Alaska with Alissa. After losing touch for many years, our shared love of travel/living abroad put us back on each other's radar. I knew that she and Neal had started Latitude here in Portland and they seemed like an obvious choice once we became serious about buying a place. They are kind souls and we trusted them to guide and represent us throughout the process. 

Do you believe in property ownership? If so, why?

Yes. From an emotional standpoint, the sense of home is heightened once you own the property. There's an undeniable feeling of freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. From a financial standpoint, we've stood by and rented/watched as friends and family benefit from their property investments. 

What do you think you'll enjoy most about owning a home?

Other homeowners will laugh at my naivety, but I enjoy having projects. And I want to learn about everything. To (incrementally) become a handy, capable person is appealing. 

What advice do you have for someone just starting out in that process?

Have fun. Don't overthink it. And pack snacks on those open house bender weekends...

Do you plan to invest in real estate in the future?

Yes, definitely.