Our mission is to inspire and enable a life of LATITUDE through a combination of integrated real estate services that delivers incredible value no matter what your goals are.

Combining years of investing experience, cutting-edge marketing science, unparalleled professional consulting, and results-oriented realty and property management services, we are dedicated to providing our clients with an experience aimed at helping them live a life of freedom and intention. From buying a home to selling an apartment building, our team of experienced professionals has you covered.

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The Latitude Team was founded with an idea of bringing a variety of real estate services under one roof to deliver incredible value to its clients and community. In 2014, what started as a need for top-notch professional property management to service their own multifamily properties in Portland, Oregon, the founders launched Latitude Property Management, and haven’t looked back since. Eventually embracing the demand from their clients, residents, and colleagues seeking their expertise in the marketplace as skilled negotiators, marketers, brokers, managers, and investors, they decided to form a team that leverages these integrated services.

The Latitude Team will continue to identify and create innovative real estate solutions while never losing sight of the ultimate goal: To help people live a life of Latitude.



When we dissected the elements that made up a life of latitude, we realized that our physical environment plays a major role in our success as human beings. Real estate impacts nearly every aspect of our lives from the spaces we inhabit and work, the commercial centers we dine and shop, to the parks and wilderness areas we recreate. That’s why our work as real estate professionals really means sustainable development practitioners.

Our services extent from homebuyers and sellers to investors and institutions to help people secure their financial futures, create healthy and vibrant spaces, and give back to our communities.



Neal Collins of Latitude Realty is one of Portland’s top real estate minds that has named him a “Top 40 under 40” spot for who’s who in the city.

Neal Collins, Co-founder of Latitude Realty, graduated with a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development. He and his partner, Alissa Collins, have worked across the globe on various projects with organizations both large and small. Before diving into real estate, the duo were helping to lead scientific expeditions in the Maldives studying whale sharks and helping to establish the country’s largest Marine Protected Area.

Drawing upon their years of experience as development professionals seasoned in project management, finance, and marketing, Neal and Alissa launched 45 North Properties, which ultimately became Latitude Realty and Latitude Property Management—Portland-based companies that are renown for their dedication to customer service and community engagement.

On top of being a very active real estate professionals, Neal and Alissa are author’s of the creative finance book, The Savvy Seller, and have been featured as a guest on popular podcasts and radio shows, including The BiggerPockets Podcast.


We don’t just help other people sell their homes or build their real estate portfolios in order to achieve a life of latitude, we live it. On any given day you can come into the Latitude headquarters and find someone bettering themselves and our community. You may find us working with an investor to structure a tax-deferred 1031 exchange, or a helping to prepare a first-time homebuyer to take the biggest financial step in their life to date. We hone our craft and sharpen our swords every single day to better serve our clients, because we are our clients. We love our community and are relentless in our support for sustainable development and smart urban growth. We live Latitude, and we won’t ever stop.