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Mission: Helping people Get to their next destination.


Mason is a native Oregonian who has been working in the real estate industry for 14 years. His professional career began as a lumber broker in Bend Oregon where he learned to sharpen his skills as an expert negotiator. In 2004, Mason began his journey as an appraiser, which evolved into property owner, then investor, builder, land developer, and finally a licensed Realtor. He has personally been involved in more than 70 transactions on his own behalf, as well as conducting thousands of appraisals throughout the Portland area. 

Mason's favorite component of real estate is simply problem solving. He is level-headed, a great listener, a solid buffer, and reasonable. He aims to connect people, solve their needs, and strategically get his clients where they want to be. His network is vast and incredibly skilled, which has helped him build a solid client base and reputation.

Combined with his wide depth of real estate experience, this is what makes Mason an excellent resource to guide you from start to finish. 

Mason owns Perspective Development, a local real estate company that focuses on investment properties, land development, and new construction. He believes that the key to a successful transaction begins with understanding the opposing party's objectives. Beginning and ending his days by doing what he calls "Looking Up" is how Mason gains perspective as a person and professional on a daily basis. His goal is to remember that other perspectives exist and need to be acknowledged and listened to. By doing this, he knows he can help his clients' find the best solution for their needs.  

Mason recommends you start and end your day By "Looking Up". He would love to talk to you about this.

Mason's kids making fun of him. Probably a bald joke! 

Mason's kids making fun of him. Probably a bald joke! 

Mason has always been an entrepreneur and go-getter. Starting at 19, he owned a coffee shop that failed miserably. This is where the first three rules of Real Estate presented themselves. Location, Location and Location.  

Mason is an incredibly proud dad, who loves the outdoors. He prefers to spend his time kayaking, sailing, backpacking, and exploring the great Pacific Northwest with his loved ones. His favorite backpacking spot is 3 Finger Jack in the Jefferson Wilderness Area. He encourages you to check it out. Mason is also an accomplished musician, with a daily guitar habit. He is excited to see the same love of music in his kids.

Mason loves to connect with buyers and sellers. He also loves indulging in Portland's great culinary and whisky scene. He'd love to take you out to hear about your real estate needs. 

some photos from Mason's life