Nicola Lewis

Licensed Principal Real Estate Broker

Investors, home buyers, and sellers all know Nicola for 4 E's: energy, energizing, edge, empathy


Energy. As a competitive athlete, Nicola exerts tremendous energy to work on her clients'' behalf and fulfill their needs. No matter what the distance, Nicola does not stop until she crosses the finish line in achieving her client's desired results.

Energize Others. Nicola has a tremendous reputation for motivating people to keep the process satisfying and finding a win-win for everyone involved.

Edge. Whether dealing with a home with multiple offers or a short-sale home, Nicola is patient yet constantly evolving with the market. With Nicola's tenacious negotiation skills, Nicola feels like the ultimate ally.

Empathy. Nicola has the unique ability to completely reflect back her clients' needs. After hearing her clients' desired timing, budget and scope she can locate the right property or the right buyer to make their vision a reality. 

Nicola has owned houses within all Portland quadrants in the last 18 years. A native-German speaker, she is excited to be part Of Latitude Realty.