THE permaculture fund

Get a free permaculture design and installation at your house

For every transaction and project our company works on we donate a percentage of our profits to The Permaculture Fund. This fund enables homeowners to be a part of the solution and help create a more sustainable world by installing free permaculture designs with native and edible plants.

why we do this

As we searched for impactful ways to make a difference and bring our values into our business, we kept coming back to permaculture.

We see permaculture as a way that we can drastically rethink the way we live, eat, and act. In a time when we must adapt to a changing planet, more people are turning to permaculture in order reimagine a brighter, more abundant future through an ecological design approaches.

By creating edible and natural landscapes that maximizes the use of our land, we can:

  • Save money and cut our cost of living

  • Produce amazingly flavorful and organic food

  • Make our neighborhoods more beautiful

  • Create habitat for pollinators

  • Create learning opportunities

  • Encourage authentic connection